Financial Freedom Archive

7 Oct 2015

A Deal With The Devil

I find myself in a position to make a deal with the devil that could substantially increase my annual day job salary starting in 2016. More cash means more investment opportunities into quality dividend paying stocks, which
11 Feb 2015

January 2015 Income and Expenses Overview

Welcome to my first-ever income and expense report. Actually this “report” is more akin to an overview as I experiment with format and continue to fight for precious minutes devoted to this blog, but it gets the
23 Jan 2015

Plucking a Thread From the Cord

With each new year comes unlimited potential. An opportunity to create new opportunities. And I plan on doing just that. My reflection on where I’ve come from and what I need to do to get to the
3 Dec 2014

Dividend Hike: I Got a Raise!

This upcoming March, I will reach my 10th anniversary at the law firm where I’m employed in the marketing department. Every year I’ve “made the cut” for a salary increase, and every year that increase has fallen
3 Nov 2014

We’ll Get Higher and Higher, Straight Up We’ll Climb

I distinctly recall laying in bed in 1986 as a newly appointed teenager, listening to Van Halen’s latest single, ‘Dreams,’ from their ‘5150’ album. I still like the song to this day when it randomly airs somewhere, and its
31 Oct 2014

My Dividend Growth Portfolio With No Name

Happy Halloween! No tricks today; only a treat. That treat is the vehicle that will drive me to financial independence. It’s high time I shared my dividend growth portfolio after prepping it for the site nearly a
24 Oct 2014

The 401(k) Conundrum

Yesterday morning I received an email from my younger brother who, like me, works hard to support a wife and two young kids. Rather than a simple sibling check-in, he was asking for my opinion on an idea he
21 Oct 2014

The First At-Bat is the Hardest

There is a first time for everything. The first time you sat up. The first time you walked. The first day of school. Fill in the blank. My first stock trade as a dividend growth investor wasn’t
20 Oct 2014

The Beginning

All stories have a beginning, though my first post to Dividends… with Children feels more like joining a work in progress that began nearly a year ago. It was December, 2013 when I purchased my first dividend-producing