Stock Buy Archive

10 Mar 2015

Recent Buy: Core Position Upgraded

I had planned on my next article being a February recap of income and expenses. However, the market retreated some more this morning and a buy opportunity I’ve been eyeing for quite some time presented itself. I’ve
6 Mar 2015

Two Buys, Two New Positions Initiated

I knew I’d be in the market to pick up some more stocks once my tax situation was ironed out. Thanks to aggressive quarterly payments made last year, I ended up getting a refundĀ for the first time
2 Feb 2015

Recent Buy: Position Increased

I have embarked on a fairly busy stock purchasing adventureĀ over the past two months and thought I would be taking a breather for a few weeks. Recent market weakness has lured me in for another buy, though
29 Jan 2015

Somewhat Recent Buys Roundup

It has been almost two months since I reported a stock purchase so with another buy added today, I figured I best play a little catch up and quickly summarize what I’ve been up to on my
2 Dec 2014

Catching Up: Recent Buys, Black Friday and a Milestone

Time is like a Terminator. In the words of James Cameron and Michael Biehn, “It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not
7 Nov 2014

Shopping Run: New Position Initiated

Earlier this week I talked about the push and pull of deciding when to make a new purchase in a stock market soaring to new all-time highs on a seemingly daily basis. Everyone’s situation is a little